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GRATEMATES have introduced a very versatile way of using FRP Grating with Four Wheel Drive vehicles

Gratemates are sold boxed in pairs. Each piece measures 1220mm x 310mm x 30mm and weighs 6kg. Now available in 38mm Thickness Heavy Duty weighs 7.6kg per unit. They are made from durable all-weather material and can happily remain exposed to the elements, unlike other self-recovery products. Please contact us for more information.

Grating FRP Australia | FRP Moulded Grating

There are countless ways to carry your Gratemates with you on all your adventures.

This heavy Nissan Patrol couldn’t have taken this track through the washout without the use of Gratemates. Hampered by an extreme approach angle coming into the hole, the driver has used three Gratemates to quickly build a bridge and effectively halve the depth of the hazard.

When used as sand ladders or waffle boards in sand or mud, they can handle the weight of ANY 4×4.

Despite lowering tyre pressures AND differential lockers front and rear, this Jeep Wrangler found itself bogged to the floor pan in the soft sand at Goolwa Beach, S.A. Gratemates were used to rescue the vehicle

Some of the many benefits of using FRP Non-Slip Mats for 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles:

  • By removing wheel spin, digging, or ‘road building’, there is less impact on the environment
  • Easy to use solo recovery device
  • Gritted for superior slip resistance
  • Drive over and through otherwise impossible obstacles
  • Made from durable, Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP)
  • Designed and tested to meet Australian fwd conditions
  • Supports up to 3 tonne per pair when used for bridging
  • Lightweight – only 12 kg per pair. Stores easily in your 4×4
  • Now available in Heavy Duty range – only 15.2kg per pair
  • Stores easily in your 4×4
  • 12 month limited warranty

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Grating FRP Australia | FRP Moulded Grating