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Pultruded  Structural FRP Profiles is reinforced polymer products which are high density but light weight, anti-corrosive, electric & heat insulated, flame retardant, low-temperature resistance, easy maintenance and to design good appearance.

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Grating FRP Australia Moulded Pultruded Structural RFP can be manufactured to suit any application. Dies are Machined into profiles such as I-Beams, C-Section Channel, Hollow Tube, Square Tube and FRP Angles. Each Structural RFP can be formed using any type of resin listed in our resin selection chart.

Grating FRP Australia | FRP Moulded Grating

FRP Pultruded Grating Standard Panel

Name Type Unit wt(g/m)
Tubes Ø6.0(Ø2.0) 48.1
Ø8.0(Ø4.0) 81.9
Ø10.0(Ø6.0) 93.1
Ø12.0(Ø8.0) 114.6
Ø20.0(Ø16.0) 221.0
Rods Ø5.0 38.2
Ø10.0 152.2
Ø20.0 591.0
Angle iron 30x30x5 506
40x40x5 704.2
100x100x5 2211.8
Square Tubes 38x38x4 995.4
50x50x4 1450.1
75x75x6 3125.2
I-Beams 76×76 x 6.4×6.4 2.52 Kgs
102 x 102 x 6.4 x 6.4 3.31 Kgs
152 x 152 x 6.4 x 6.4 7.64 Kgs