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Wastewater Treatment Cover of the trench, walkways, drains, large capacity vessel, water channel, ventilation valve, stair treads, and flooring.
Chemical Plant Stair treads, platforms, handrail systems, concrete pool covers, raised flooring, and filter plates.
Oil Industry Platforms above sea.
Textile Plant Replacement of metal grating and wooden platforms. Flooring around bleaching, and dying areas. Flooring around pumps and valves.
Power Plant Non-conductive and anti-static areas, trench and pit covers, stairways and platforms
Metal Finishing Acid washing areas. Replacing wooden floors that surround machines, walkway, raised flooring.
Seafood Processing Oily surface contaminated area, processing areas.
Transportation Ships, platforms and contaminated area, stair treads and stairways.
Beverage Plant Stair treads, replacing stainless steel floor grating.
Pulp and Paper Factory Stair treads and platform, walkways, wet area access.
Electronic Industry Concrete pool covers, acid pickling, electronic-resistance (conductive grating) and high clearance workshop.
Meat Processing Factory Drains, trench covers, platforms, ramps, and holding yards.
Architecture Shop fronts, landscaping, screening, cladding and panelling, wall and roof.

Gantry and Handrails

Stairs and Handrails

Drainage Areas & Grip