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FRP Moulded Fibreglass Grating

Comparing with other floor materials, FRP moulded grating provides a series of benefits, unmatched impact resistance, while the strength-weight-ratio is only one-fourth of that of steel grating. It is easy to cut and install. FRP moulded grating is made of continuous fibreglass fully soaked in unsaturated polyester resin giving a uniform structure and perfect bi-directional mechanical properties.

FRP moulded grating has high corrosion resistance. Using different resin achieves different properties of corrosion resistance.

Standard resins being used include Orthophthalic, Polyester resin, Isophthalic Polyester, Vinyl Ester resin. Vinyl Ester grating provides extremely high corrosion resistance.

The surface of FRP moulded grating can be concaved top, flat top, grit top, Decorative Pattern Cover, Grit Cover and Smooth Cover.

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