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Workers want their safety equipment to be comfortable, convenient and functional. They also want flexibility and style in their choice. 3M newly expanded industry leading personal protection equipment (PPE) has long offered safety solutions designed to meet the highest standards of excellence. They offer a broad range of choice and style too. Now, these leading brands have joined 3M to create one of the broadest safety product offerings in the marketplace. Today, our extensive line of personal protective equipment offers a full range of style, comfort, convenience and value. PPE products from a company you can trust. from the Brands you Trust Workplace Solutions

Scavenger Supplies is the 3M Authorised Supplier in Australia and provide full range of 3M safety products including the following:

3M Respiratory Protection, 3M Hearing Protection, 3M Communications, 3M Head, Eye & Face Protection, 3M Welding Protection, 3M Spill Management, 3M Worker Visibility, 3M Detection & Monitoring, 3M Body Protection, Fall Protection

3M Safety Eyewear

  • Orange County Choppers™
  • Safety Eyewear
  • Metaliks™ Safety Eyewear
  • Smart Lens™ Photochromic Eyewear
  • Moon Dawg™ Safety Sunwear
  • Lexa™ Safety Eyewear
  • BX™ Eyewear
  • Maxim™ Safety Eyewear
  • Tour-Guard™ Safety Eyewear
  • Refine™ Women’s Safety Eyewear
  • Virtua™ Safety Eyewear
  • Light Vision 2™ Safety Eyewear
  • Centurion™ Goggles

3M Head and Face Protection

  • XLR8™ Hard Hats
  • AO Tuffmaster™ Headgear/Window Combo Systems
  • Hearing Protection E-A-R™ Classic™ Earplugs
  • E-A-R™ Classic™ One Touch™ Dispenser
  • E-A-Rsoft™ Foam Earplugs
  • E-A-R™ EXPRESS™ Pod Plug™ Earplugs
  • E-A-R™ UltraFit™ Earplugs
  • E-A-R™ Push-Ins™ Earplugs
  • E-A-R™ Push-Ins™ SofTouch™ Foam Earplugs
  • E-A-R™ ARC PLUG™ Earplugs
  • Peltor™ Next™ Earplugs
  • E-A-R BUDS™ Headphones
  • Swerve™ Banded Hearing Protector
  • Peltor™ Optime™ Earmuffs

3M Fall Protection Body Harnesses

  • ExoFit STRATA™ Harnesses
  • ExoFit NEX™ Harnesses
  • Delta™ Harnesses
  • Fall Protection Kits / DBI-SALA® Miners Belts
  • Pro Harnesses / Protecta® Kits / Miners Belts

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3M Fall Protection Product Catalogue

3M Respiratory Protection Catalogue

3M Protective Apparel and Coveralls Catalogue