Sicor Firefighting Helmets in Australia

Scavenger Supplies is proud to announce the launch of Sicor Firefighting Helmets in Australia

We are SICOR Authorised Supplier in Australia and provide a full range of EOM and VFR-EVO Series Firefighting Helmets to Australia Market

About Sicor S.p.A.

Sicor S.p.A. – Sicurezza Compagnie Riunite – was founded in the 80s thanks to the merger between two Italian companies La Lombarda Antinfortunistica S.p.A. and Sureco S.p.A.

The first one, founded in the 60s, was one of the most important manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment in Italy. The main product lines included flame-retardant clothing, safety shoes, anti-cut and heat-resistant gloves, safety visors, helmets for firefighting and industrial safety. The second one, part of the Fiat group, acquired in the 80s, operated in the market of individual protection and gas analysis instrumentation.

With the evolution of an increasingly specific and complex legislation, Sicor focuses and specializes in design and production of helmets, safety visors and gas analysis instrumentation, becoming the leading company in the national market and one of the most successful companies abroad.

Following the current product lines:

  • Dielectric helmets
  • Helmets for wildland firefighting and technical rescue
  • Helmets for firefighting in buildings and other structures
  • Anti-riot helmets
  • Dielectric, anti-riot and fire-brigade visors
  • Safety goggles
  • Toxic gas analysis instrumentation
  • Explosive gas analysis instrumentation (ATEX)
  • Oxygen analysis instrumentation

EOM Series Firefighting Helmet

The helmet model EOM represents the best protection system for the head in wildland firefighting, technical, alpine and river rescue.



The shell has a rib with rounded edges and is equipped with a special ventilation system, composed by a protective mesh, closable by a sliding element on its top.

The helmet has the predisposition and is certified to be used with the following optional accessories:

  • Reflecting bands
  • Ear muffs
  • External polycarbonate visor
  • External mesh visor
  • Lighting device
  • Communication system
  • Neck protector made of fireproof fabric
  • All components of the helmet model EOM are fully removable and replaceable.

VFR-EVO Series Firefighting Helmet
Sturdy and extremely comfortable, the ideal device for fire protection in buildings and other structures

Through thirty years of experience as manufacturers and suppliers of many prestigious Fire Brigades and thanks to the suggestions received from those who use our products every day, we have developed and implemented the new fire fighting helmet model VFR-EVO, among the lightest and safest in the type B category (integral protection).


Main applications:

  • During crash accidents in which various danger may occur (explosions, collapses, splinters, contact with chemicals etc.)
  • During structural fires with extremely high temperatures, falling of debris, flash-over phenomena and poor visibility
  • During outdoors fires with extreme temperatures due to radiant heat phenomena and potential caustic or explosive materials

Located on both sides of the shell, the helmet has a universal connection for two point gas masks, which are individually adjustable, making it compatible with all the masks on the market and creates an efficient and safe mask/helmet combination.

The face shields and eye screen, certified according to EN 14458 and EN 166 Standards, are of the highest optical quality (optical class 1). Resistant to high temperatures, they safely protect the eyes and face from high heat, electricity, particles and liquid chemicals. The two external levers allow for easy handling of the screen while wearing gloves, avoiding contact with the shield, face and eyes of the user.


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 EOM Firefighting Helmet Product Catalogue
 VER-EVO Firefighting Helmet Product Catalogue