4×4 sand ladders bog mats made from FRP Grating

Scavenger Supplies has in stocks both in Western Australia and in NSW their 4×4 sand bridging ladders.

There are many different designs and options when it comes to 4×4 sand ladders or bog retrieval systems however keeping it simple in this case works.

You will find the moment your wheels spin on the expensive plastic 4×4 mats the heat generated normally melts the plastic grips off the mats making them useless, especially in muddy situations.

Our FRP grating mats are very durable, strong and able to handle extremely high loads in regards to weight to strength ratio.


1. Easy to use

2. Can be used by a single operator if bogged in a remote location

3. Made from Extremely strong and durable FRP Grating

4. Easily cut down to different sizes fro other applications.

5. Very cost effective against other 4×4 recovery mats available.



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