FRP Grating Suppliers in Australia – Grating FRP

GRATING FRP AUSTRALIA can develop, design, customise and modify any composite and structural project you may have.

Above all: We improve everything we do


Grating FRP Australia ( Scavenger Supplies ) Fibreglass and FRP Innovations offers expert experience in the application of the thermoplastic composite material in areas such as Architecture, Platforms, Handrails, Walkways, structural design using FRP,  but our experience in the world of thermoplastic composite materials goes back to 2002.


FRP is an immensely versatile material and the applications of uses in Australia is limitless. Australian standards with both the product and material require further development and that’s a challenge we are prepared to take on to have uniformity to all the Manufactures around the world that supply into the Australian market.

Our FRP Materials combines lightweight with the inherent strength to provide a high quality finished product with a variety of surface textures and any RAL colour.

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We believe our team of sales and engineers has the experience and material knowledge to support your project and we look forward to receiving your enquiry.






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