FRP Grating Suppliers – Grating FRP AUSTRALIA

Fibre-reinforced plastic / polymer (FRP), also known as firbreglass reinforced plastic grating
is a composite material used in a wide array of industries looking for advanced materials that wont rust
and require little to no maintenance.

FRP can also be manufactured into various profiles and colours such as Grating, I-Beams, Channels and Angles.

If you have a project requiring special panel sizes or even one small piece of Grating ask our friendly team how they
can assist you today.

Stock Sheet Sizes:

Mini Mesh

19mm x 19mm and Micro mesh 9mm x 9mm and general sheets 38mm x 38mm
1220mm x 3660mm

Thickness:  14mm , 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and 38mm